Personal Canvas Prints

At Dad’s Place we pride ourselves on producing high quality personal and professional image prints, placing them onto canvas and capturing our customers’ treasured memories. Dad’s Place was founded in memory of our late father, so we understand that a well printed personal image can take you back to very special moment in time.

As such we only use the very best printing equipment, media and materials to reproduce both our father’s photography and your personal images. All of our canvases a printed onto 38mm thick pine frames and are delivered ready to hang. We are also able to scan original photographs and reinvent them by placing them onto canvas. We charge a £2 flat rate fee for this service in addition to the canvas and delivery costs.

Size In Inches Price
16×12 (A3)£20
24×16 (A2)£30
30×16 £36
30X20 (A1) £40
60X20 £85

Sending Your Images 

 Step 1

Send your images to We will then send you an invoice via PayPal or e-mail.

Step 2

Once payment has been received we will print your image onto our professionally profiled printing media using our calibrated printing equipment, to a size which best fits your image.

Step 3

We attached your image to a 38mm thick pine frame, applying framing tape and a picture hook to ensure a quality finish.

Step 4

We send the finished canvas or print to your door anywhere in the UK. (*) 60*20″ Canvas Prints will be subject to higher delivery charges. As such additional charges will be added to your invoice. A receipt of postage will be provided as we do not believe in profiting from delivery charges.