Supporting Local Artists

Dad’s Place are delighted to display works from unheralded Local Artists. Please fill in the submission form below to begin selling your works with us. Dad’s Place won’t charge a commission and we can print and deliver (More Information) Local Artists’ works. We simply ask that you cover print and PayPal fee costs. Please make sure that you have read our T&C’s before you begin.

The top half of the form is about the work you wish to submit, the bottom half of the form is about you the Artist.  You will have your own personal category within the Local Artists section of our website.

Please Note

Images submitted using this form are compressed and made suitable for web use only, local Artists  will need to provide original higher quality images suitable for printing if required.  Details submitted are sent securely. Please be patient when submitting works. There is a progress bar on display in the left of your screen once you click submit. When upload is complete this page will refresh. You will then receive an e-mail conformation once we have received and reviewed your works.

Please Contact Us with any further questions or find the answer in our FAQ’s.

All the best in your future endeavours. Here’s To The Memories…

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