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Sell Works Commission Free with Dad’s Place

Here at Dad’s Place we wish to help local unheralded artists within The Southwest to sell their works commission free through our site. The support and willingness of local businesses to display and sell our late father’s photography really gave Dad belief in his work and allowed his confidence to grow. We know that without an outlet it is incredibly difficult for local artists to sell their works.

We a privileged to share stories of the positive impact Dad’s photography had on the people who purchased it and that is in small part thanks to the support of local businesses. We want to give others the springboard and confidence boast that our Dad experienced. While we cannot promise you fortune we will do our best to promote you and sell your works.

What Will Dad’s Place Offer Local Artist’s?

  • Free listing for up to 5 works’
  • Your own category within the local artist’s page. I.e. a section just for your works’ on our site.
  • 0% commission on sales (You only pay your PayPal Fees which is 3.4% of an item’s sale price +20p and minimal printing fees if required)
  • An Artists’ Upload Form (uploaded content is subject to approval)
  • Ongoing advertising on all our business social media platforms – including a ‘Spotlight on Artist’ Blog post .

What  Do We Need From Artists’?

  • Product Information (The artist sets the sale price, product description etc.)
  • Good Quality images (The image sells the product) The Artist’s Upload section will guide you on image sizes.
  • To always adhere to the Dad’s Place terms of website useprivacy policy and the terms outlined in this document.
  • An understanding that you are selling a product through Dad’s Place and that our reputation for quality and professionalism means everything to us as a business.


Q.Do Dad’s Place Accept all Artist’s Works?

 A. All artist’s works will be subject to approval. But we are open to all works from Unknown Artists’.

Q Define The Term ‘Unknown Artist?

A. In order for Dad’s Place to consider an Artist’s work said artist must not have their own website or any presence on the high street. If you sell through platforms such as ebay however, we will consider your works.

Q. Do You Accept Other Photographer’s Work?

A. As long as the above terms are met then yes.

Q. In Which Circumstances Would Dad’s Place Refuse An Artist’s Works?

A. If we deemed the content of the works or attached information to be unsuitable for our website

Q. When would works be removed from Dad’s Place?

A. Works can stay on our site indefinitely and would only be removed if requested by the artist or in the event that our expected level of quality and service is not met.

Q.  Do you Print Other Artist’s Works?

A. Yes, we can produce prints up to A1 and canvases to the sizes documented on our website. Other sizes can be printed upon request.

Q. What Would Prints Cost The Artist?  

A. We have a set print cost of £2 irrespective of print size and paper type. Canvas prices would vary dependent on the sizes requested as such this would need to be discussed on an individual basis.

Q. What about Delivery and Refunds?

A. Delivery costs will be added automatically by the Dad’s Place website. We are happy to send orders on your behalf but we would then retain the delivery charge and invoice artist’s for associated packaging costs. Artist’s can send their own items and will receive our website’s specified delivery costs in with your monthly payments. I.e. you will get money back for delivery costs. We simply ask that you package your items in a professional and secure manner.  In the event that a refund is requested, it will be issued by Dad’s Place upon the works being returned to us.

Q. Who Owns What?

A. The artist maintains all IP rights, Dad’s Place is simply a vendor acting on an artist behalf. Both parities can ask that works be removed from our platforms at any time.

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We Look forward to receiving your works.