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Surely their are very few days more special than your wedding day? Sadly too often people tell us that they don’t have any images printed from their wedding day because the process is too expensive.

Here at Dad’s Place we understand that pictures capture treasured memories and we want to change that. We want to  give you the ability to transport yourself back to a very special place in time, again and again with our Newly Weds Gift Package.

How It Works.

If you select our Complete Wedding Package you will also receive a “Here’s To The Memories … ” USB Stick and a fully printed  photo album to house your wedding collection. You can also select between our 5 and 10 canvas Newly Wed packages. If you would like to purchase a single canvas then please see our price list.

What You Need To Do.

Choose between our  Complete Wedding Package and our 5 and 10 canvas print Newly Weds Packages, then send your images via e-mail to: .

What We Do.

Depending on the package you select we will either print 5 or 10 canvases from your wedding collection to sizes that best fit each image.

If you select our Complete Wedding Package we will then also transfer your images to a “Here’s To The Memories …”  USB Stick and print the 10 captures into the photo album included in the package.


Due to the number of Canvases within these packages, products will be delivered within a maximum of 14 days excluding delivery, with additional 7 days required for your photo album.

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Newly Weds Packages

5 Canvas Newly Weds Package, 10 Canvas Newly Weds Package, Complete Wedding Package (10 Canvases USB & Album included)