The Personal Image Challenge

Can I start by asking you a question? How do you know when you’re good at your job? If you’re still reading then hopefully you are currently compiling a mental list. Repeat custom, positive feedback, promotion, personal development, length of employment etc. I’m incredibly disappointed in my list by the way, I genuinely ran out of ideas but my point is that there are every day barometers from which to measure you’re level of excellence.

In business and particularly in printing however, there are not so many obvious barometers. In printing for businesses, whether that be for photographers or stores, we are providing a service and therefore if we do a good job positive feedback is not always free flowing, we have simply provided the service that a business expected us to. Sure they’ll come back but in printing you can get away with being close to good by being cheaper than you’re competitors.

When we first started Dad’s Place we went through copious amounts of media and ink, just to get a consistent print quality. The problem or privilege for us was, we had Dad’s images to use as a barometer from which to measure our excellence. We printed countless copies of Dad’s images and each time I’d break out my Roy Walker impression, ‘it’s good but it’s not right.’ Each time my impression would become more fraught with frustration, mmmm ‘it’s good but it’s not right’, arrghh, we’re close ‘it’s good but it’s not right.  You see we don’t just press File and Print we calibrate our media and equipment to ensure that when we print, our colours are consistent and boy did we work hard to get that consistency.

That level of consistency is most important when printing a personal image. You can’t get away with being a pretty good printer, not when it comes to capturing the essence of memories. Price is not a factor if you turn somebody orange or shroud them in darkness. The beauty of a good picture, if it is printed correctly, is that at times you won’t know it’s there and yet at other times it will take you back to that exact moment in time.

Size  Price
24*16 £24
12*16  £15
24*8  £19
16*20 £22
30*20 £32
60*20 £55

Customer Testimonials

I would love to thank all at Dad’s Place for the canvases they did for me and my family they are beautiful 100% would go to them for more will be telling all my friends thank you so much and matt for his great communication very very happy 😄

Asked Dad’s Place to do some special canvas prints  thank you so much xxx

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for my awesome canvas print. Really pleased with it. Xxx

Until recently I never really understood why dad loved printing people’s personal images.  It wasn’t like he looked for praise; he hated it, besides he was just doing his job. Everyone we spoke to said avoid printing personal images, if people don’t understand resolutions, they’ll blame you’re printing for the finish quality, it’s a sure fire way to get a bad reputation, it’s just a minefield. In truth its our job to understand the quality of an image given to us, rather than simply print a substandard image to make money, like so many of our online competitors.

It’s because Dad understood what these images meant to his customers that we continue to print personal images.  The only reason we would refuse to print an image is if resolution of the image is too low. If we can’t print an image, then we’ll be honest because we simply want print your memories onto canvas in a manner that does them justice.  Here’s to the memories…

Challenge us e-mail and send us you’re personal images today.

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Just would like to say a big big thank you to all at Dads Place for the canvas that I had done for my partner birthday he loved them very good quality thank you so much

Tink Rankin - Personal Canvas Customer