Welcome along to our blog here at Dad’s Place. This blog is written and maintained by Matthew Emo. In addition to being the co founder of a growing business, I’m also a 30 something guy, managing cerebral palsy in rural Cornwall and trying, much like everyone else, to navigate my way through life and make the best of it.

This blog will of course delve into the stresses and thrills of running your own business but it will also act as a form of personal escapism from those and indeed life’s challenges.

At times posts will be personal, humorous and dare I say damm right pointless but (hopefully) never boring.

I’d like to finish this intro by asking everyone to remember that we all breath the same oxygen as one another, there’s no one single individual who deserves to be seen as better than any one else. If they can achieve it so can you. Happy Reading…

Help, I’m Poor – The Truth About Running A Business

Over Christmas, in life as in business, we reflected upon the year just past and discovered that we had plenty of reasons to be optimistic about 2020. Dad’s Place had proven that it could soak up the extra costs associated with having a premises and indeed we have gained a number of clients, that we […]

The Greatest Female Entrepreneur?

Okay readers, I have a confession, well less a confession and more a statement of fact. I am a nerd.  This, I hope provides a simplistic, yet ample explanation as to why I am choosing to write a blog post about the person I consider to be the greatest female entrepreneur of all time..  This […]