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A Tour of Bude Review

The Falcon

I wanted to start with a special mention for The Falcon because at no point did I make a reservation, we just turned up, looking like a slightly backward calling out of the guard from a Dad’s Army sketch. On our first night, I asked the waitress who greeted us if she had room for three wheelchairs and rather the look of sheer panic which can often accompany such a question, she simply said, ‘oh yeah where do you want to sit?’

Having resisted the temptation to answer with the quip of ‘well we brought our own chairs, so anywhere really’, I watched on as a waist -coated Wonder Woman started dragging tables and chairs aside to make room. Drinks and card machines, were brought to the tables, to make life easier and at the end of the night my friends were given plastic sleeves to protect the chair controls from the weather. I loose count of how many times my friends went back but each time, they were treated amazingly and of course the food was exceptional.

I must also point out that on one occasion I’d taken my friends along the coastal route from Rosie’s Kitchen over to the Seapool and back into Bude town centre. In typical friend fashion, rather than point out the heroic effort I’d made to push the inclines of the coastal route, he just turns and says, blimey Matt, ‘you must be stewing in your own juices mate.’  Errr thanks! I also know that I talk utter tripe when I’m tired, and the staff at The Falcon were, once again accommodating of my ineptitude, and any slight whiff’s of exertion. So, thankyou!

Rosie’s Kitchen

The facilities in Rosie’s Kitchen are brilliant for wheelchairs, Tom and his team really has thought that through. However, you don’t normally get waitresses coming over to take your order in Rosie’s, simply because the place is always so packed, that it just wouldn’t work. It got me to thinking; just how much ground do the staff cover in a shift at Rosie’s? There’s a fundraising idea in there somewhere I reckon. I digress because the lovely waitress did take our order and brought the card machine to us when we were done. Again these little touches make a huge difference and again it wasn’t too much trouble. Oh and by the way a Rosie’s Kitchen breakfast is not half bad, and whilst I know Tom and his team didn’t place the beach on their doorstep, nor are the views.

Widemouth Manor

Now I was in a pretty foul mood when I arrived at The Manor because something had just fallen off of my chair and each piece of plastic which falls off that thing usually has a starting price of £80. But hey if you listen to the government all disabled people are mega rich, so I soon figured, who cares- haha!

Anyway, the owner came over to greet our table and she politely listened to my tale of woe, making me relax at the prospect of the evening ahead. Now the food in The Manor is always exceptional. In fact I’d go as far as to say that if you don’t like the food there, then you should probably just sit in a field and graze on some grass, because it’s that good. They’ve also spent and awful lot of money in redeveloping the restaurant, bar and rooms in The Manor and any business owners who are willing to invest so much to help their business thrive in as seasonal a town as ours, deserves every success.

I must just mention that the waiting staff At The Manor, were also exceptional, again nothing was too much trouble. And because I was in such a bad mood, to lighten it,  I was being extra comedic, or at least I thought I was. You see like most blokes I think I’m funny, now whether I was or I wasn’t (and I was :), the staff were polite enough to laugh along. So thank you.

Bayside Taxis

I must mention the gentlemen who took us to The Manor, with Bayside Taxis. Bless him he had to put 2 chairs and a walking aid into the car and he got pinched more times than a burglar with narcolepsy when putting them back together, never once complaining, Top Man!


The Castle & Heritage Centre

We went to visit the WWI exhibit at The Castle and again the team were awesome. That was a sobering experience and a great exhibit. However, I want to give special mention to a man (who I assume was a grounds person) who was being immortalised in a painting later that week. He ran up and down the stairs like a Duracell Bunny on Locozade, ensuring that we got around safely. Top Man!

The Carriers Inn

I’d forgotten what a good night out does for the soul. Our pub of choice was The Carriers Inn, principally because it was a stones throw from the Premier Inn and you can get arrested for being drunk in charge of a wheelchair, true story! But the folks in The Carriers couldn’t have been more helpful, with customers whipping the ramp out upon request. The atmosphere was great, as my friend said, you just wouldn’t get this in a pub up country. True, we loves a cider or two in these parts! I think I’m right in saying The Carriers offer live music most Friday’s and or Saturday’s, so head down and you might just enjoy yourselves as much as we did.

The Premier Inn

Finally I want to mention the team at The Premier Inn. Now I know there has been a mixed reaction to the hotel’s arrival, but the team who work there are exceptional. Literally nothing was too much trouble. Obviously being a new hotel, they are exceptionally well set up for wheelchairs, with quite possibly the largest wet rooms I have ever seen.  But when you live in Bude, you have do this pesky thing called work, so it was nice to know that there is somewhere so well set up for wheelchair users to stay in the town, with a dedicated team ensuring they have all they need.

In Closing

Now truthfully, I could mention most businesses in Bude, if we were just discussing exceptional service; however, you also have to factor in accessibility and we visited the places that were most comfortable for our situation.

I should never have doubted that the people of Bude would make my friends feel so welcome but I do know that it can be difficult to do so. I also know that what Bude sees as normal service defiantly isn’t so I would like to thank everyone involved in their stay.

People of Bude, You are Awesome!


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