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Local Artists Spotlight - 10 Questions With Kolby James Lymer

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Kolby James Lymer’s works’ are now live on our site, with more to be added in the coming weeks. If you are a fan of Marvel, DC or Animie, then its fair to say that you will be a fan of Kolby’s depictions of some much loved characters. You can keep up to date with and purchase canvas prints of Kolby’s artwork submissions by clicking here .

Dad’s Place thought we would introduce this fledgling and talented artist by asking him 10 taxing questions, just because we can really.

1. Kolby, we currently have two Marvel character submissions from you but we’ve seen your sketch book, so what else can our customers expect to see from you?

I’m confident in producing all sorts of different drawings, from fine line, through to cartoon. I can draw flowers, Gothic images and many forms of tattoo design images, so who knows really.

2. You clearly have a preference for Superhero and Animie genres, so what is it about producing that specific type of art that appeals to you?

I have loved superheros’ since I was a kid from Marvel and DC comics to the good old fashioned Power Rangers. The detail in the uniforms is phenomenal!  

3. It took you a fair number of hours to produce the artworks our customers’ can now purchase. How difficult is it to produce characters that people are so familiar with?

The hardest part is always capturing their faces, none of the characters will look right if you just cant get their faces just how they should be, how people might expect. Most of the time spent is put into the outline, as I have to draw it in pencil first. 

4. But it would be unfair to say that your creative talent ends there because you want to become a tattoo artist – tell us more…

Well I have always been a lover of art and when I turned 16, I asked my mum to buy me a tattoo machine since then I have been training myself. My partner is my canvas and she first only had 1 now she has 14 and counting.

5. Where are you on your journey towards becoming a tattoo artist right now?

Right now I am at the hardest stage of finding a place with enough room for me to tattoo in their parlour.  

6. It takes a brave person to become a tattoo artist, there’s a fair amount of pressure to get it right. As someone with no artistic talent, it truly amazes me that artists can just create something based on an idea of what someone wants. So what does it take to move from an idea and take it forward into a tattoo?

Well when I first began I used to find 3 to 5 images similar to what that person said they would like and I would find different details from all the images and put them together to make the main piece. Now I just get them to explain to me what they want and wait for the perfect images to be pictured in my head. Then I just put it on paper.

DP – That’s ladies and gents is how easy talented people make difficult stuff sound.

7. With the previous question in mind, what’s the next goal you need to achieve in order to develop toward your dream job as a tattoo artist?

I either need enough money to start my own parlour or I need a local tattooist to be willing to teach me their methods and help me make my dream come true.

8. So what’s the end goal, would you like your own business?

To be honest as long as I can tattoo I really don’t mind if I work for someone else or if I work for myself. 

9.  Okay back to the present, if you could choose one piece of work, sums up the artwork that you like to produce – what would you choose?

I would probably choose my drawing of an eye. I just love that there is so much history a person’s eye.  

DP – we’ll see if we can add this to the blog at a later date

10. Is there anything else that you would like to share with people reading this post?

If you have a dream, you fight for it. Don’t let anyone tell you different. And if you have kids push them to go forward with there dreams anything is possible.   

Questions written by Matthew Emo

If you are interested in selling works through Dad’s Place, ping an e-mail to – thanks as always for reading – Matt and Dad’s Place.

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