Dad’s Shop

Founded in 2015 as a specialist photography printer, the concept of Dad’s Place is simple, we help our customers to capture treasured memories. Founded in memory of our late father ‘Dad’s Place’ is a proper family run business and for us every customer matters, as do their memories and that’s why we print your personal images.

As you can imagine we have a slight bias towards amazing Dad’s because ours was the best.

So why not tell your Dad just how special he is, with our range of Greatest Dad Gifts? Watch him swell with pride as you let him know he’s truly is the worlds greatest Dad. You can also purchase our late father’s photography which we print right here in Cornwall, placing it onto canvas for your loved ones to enjoy.

We stock a range of collaborative ‘ Old School Kitchen table’ gifts which loved ones can build together. Strictly no screens for sale here. For the gift of time and the memories it generates is the best gift of all.

Here’s To The Memories…. Thank you for choosing Dad’s Place.