Otterly Beautiful Canvas Print


Apologies for the slightly corny play on words, but the detail captured in this canvas print is spectacular and a real treat for fans of Wildlife photography. Captured at Tamar Otter and Wildlife Centre, its the attentiveness shown towards their cubs by the adult otters which makes this image so popular among our customers.

Thank you for viewing our Dad’s Photography.

Here’s To The Memories…

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16X10 (20×14) White Mounted Print, 24X16 (28×20) White Mounted Print, 30X20 (34×24) White Mounted Print, 16×10 Canvas Print, 24×16 Canvas Print, 30×20 Canvas Print, 16×10 (20×14) Framed Print, 24×16 (28×20) Framed Print, 30×20 (34×24) Framed Print, 16×10 Acrylic Print, 24×16 Acrylic Print, 30×20 Acrylic Print