Linda Littlejohns -Cornish Collage Artist

I have been painting and drawing for many years but immediately after making my first collage piece, I knew this would be my art medium of choice.

I use photographs I have taken, usually of local scenery, to make a drawing of the piece into a collage. The fun part is scouring magazines and catalogues to source colours and textures to match the scene captured.

For the picture ‘Fish Supper’ most of the paper I used came from a well known fashion catalogue. In fact if you look carefully at each of the finished pieces on this site, you may well see objects that appear out of place. However, if the shades and textures are right we don’t notice them and this for me is the fun part of making a collage, the joy for me comes from making pieces that are quite unique to those who buy them. Art of any form is about interpretation and collage art creates a unique perspective to view some of Cornwall’s most popular destinations.

I hope that you get as much enjoyment from your canvas as I did when making them. Thank you for viewing my collection.

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