Pasty Time Canvas Print


My ‘Pasty Time’ collage takes in two of the most iconic locations in Bude with the historic and lovingly restored Seapool and the pepper pot which is a magical location to view North Cornwall’s coastline in any weather. It’s also a fantastic spot to capture sunsets, with the pepper pot trapping and then reflecting the dying embers of light. It’s also creates a fantastic silhouette as the sun sets.

However, the point of collage art is create a unique piece, hence the seagull and pasty, two elements of Bude that simply can’t be avoided. With my collages being comprised from well know fashion and high street catalogues, I also like to hide elements within my pieces, so if you look closely at the cliffs in my collage, you may see the lights of New York in the side of the cliff or a statue of man and horse.


I really do get so much joy from creating my collages and I hope that you enjoy your canvas print.

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